Jake Short

web developer / mobile developer

Thumbnail with CollegeFacts title showing website featuring a search bar and list of colleges
CollegeFacts, Creatorhttps://collegefacts.org

Site to find and compare college statistics. Made using React/NextJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python.

Thumbnail with SwiftUI Image Viewer title and phone showing picture of dogs
SwiftUI Image Viewer, Creator/MaintainerView Project on GitHub

An open-source image viewer built in SwiftUI. Made using Swift and SwiftUI.

Thumbnail with Tiny Planner title and three phones featuring images of Tiny Planner app
Tiny Planner, CreatorView on App Store

A minimalistic, design-focused to-do list app. Made using React Native and JavaScript.

Thumbnail with Bit Rocket title and two phones featuring images of game start screen and replay screen
Bit Rocket, CreatorView on App Store

A simplistic, 2D infinite asteroid avoiding game. Made using Unity and C#.

I am an 18 year old developer with a passion for developing front-end experiences for both mobile and web applications.

I hope to study computer science in college after I graduate from high school in 2022.

I have developed multiple websites using React and mobile applications using React Native and SwiftUI. I am excited to further my design and development skills by continuing to make applications and websites that are fun and challenging to create, and provide a rich user experience.

High School & Community College - Dual-enrolled in high school and community college, with plans to graduate in 2022. Pursuing Associate of Science in Computer Science through dual-enrollment courses.

Apple Swift Student Challenge 2020 - Created mental-health focused Swift Playground. Utilized machine learning (natural language processing) with CoreML and SwiftUI for UI.

Apple Swift Student Challenge 2021 - Created educational Swift Playground about climate change. Utilized machine learning (natural language processing) with CoreML and SwiftUI for UI.